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learn to trade the market

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Investing in the stock market is a relatively simple matter. All you really need to have is some money to invest, access to a trading platform, and the intestinal fortitude to order the execution of a trade. But what you really, really need from the outset is a good approach to learn to trade the market.
How to go about this in a proper way involves the investment of some of your time. You start by conducting the best possible search for a quality stock trading course.
Finding the best course available
If you are a beginner, you want a course that will equip you with the basic knowledge you need for successful investing. If you have been playing the market and more often than not you wind up on the losing end of a trade, you also may want to get back to the basics. Above all, seeking a course that will help you learn to trade the market should be considered a shrewd approach to investing.
In recent years, there has been a proliferation in the availability of stock market training courses. One of the obvious decisions you will need to make is whether you want to take a course at a training location or go the home study route. A little self-assessment would be in order before deciding.
Once you have taken the decision to learn to trade the market, there are several good places to look for a course. An excellent starting point is an Internet search. You may be staggered by the amount of hits you get. Business newspapers and magazines are other likely sources of ads or articles regarding quality courses. Then there is that old standby, word of mouth - speaking to people who may have taken such a course or know of one.
Selecting the best course for yourself
Now that you have collected course information and perhaps tossed out some possibilities, you are ready to do a serious evaluation and then take a final decision. Always keep in mind that your goal is to learn to trade the market.
What should you look for in your evaluation? What key points should you keep in mind? Here is a non-inclusive checklist to follow.
-Carefully read through the results of your search, take notes, and even jot down your initial reactions.
-Try to locate people who have taken the courses you find appealing and seek their candid opinion. Of course, you must keep in mind that some people may be reluctant to be totally open in their assessment.
-Find out information about the company that conducts the training and learn more about their instructors. Use the Internet to conduct your probe. Remember, more meat and less sizzle.
-Look for information regarding the actual track record of the course instructors. Is their main activity trading? It is reasonable to think the best instruction would come from a trader who also teaches as a sideline activity.
-Explore whether the sponsor of the course cuts students loose after their studies are completed. You are paying good money to take their course and a quality instructional institute should provide guidance for a period of time after the course ends.
-Ask about the course materials you will be given and try to get a look at them before you register. Are they understandable to you? Will they be a valuable tool in your trading arsenal?
-Insist on seeing verifiable examples of the course leading to actual success. Don't just rely on testimonials that, by their very nature, look and sound great.
Now it's time to get started. If you use the checklist as a guide, you can feel confident in your final selection of a course to learn to trade the market.
Terry Tran of [], is the chief trader and portfolio manager of a very successful global hedge fund.
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